Thinking about Your One

That is the big question we are asking our church this fall.

Who is the one person you can specifically build a relationship with, pray for, and share the Gospel with in order to help lead them to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ? We as a church need to consistently ask that question: Who’s my One?

When we do get the chance to share the Gospel with our “One,” and they accept the gift of salvation, what do we do then? We want to make sure that they are involved in some discipleship process and get connected to the church.

Coming to church as a new believer, especially if it’s your first time to ever visit a church, can be extremely intimidating (to say the least). We should remember this as we Serve In and make every guest feel welcomed here.

One Sunday, it may be your One walking through the door. When that happens, you will be beyond thrilled and probably show them around, take them to visit a Life Group, sit with them in service, and try to connect them with potential new friends. Now, imagine every guest as somebody’s One. Someone else’s One may be walking into Bellevue for the first time, but they might not have anyone to welcome them or show them around. They need the same attention as your One!

I encourage you to think of every guest as being someone’s One and greet them with the love of Jesus you would want to be shared with your One too!