Who’s your one?

When you think about the Great Commission, it can be a heavy weight to bear. “Go and make disciples of all nations–” (Matthew 28:19). That’s a lot of people. There are so many lost people in the world; how are we ever going to tell everyone about Jesus? The answer is simple–one at a time.

In the fall of 2019, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) launched a movement titled Who’s Your One. This movement focuses on equipping and mobilizing every Southern Baptist to identify one person to pray for and share the Gospel with over the next year.

“Who’s Your One? Imagine if every member of your church could answer that question with the name of a person–a person for whom they’re praying and with whom they’re sharing the Gospel. How would it change your church? How would it change the world?” stated J.D. Greear, President of the Southern Baptist Convention. “It doesn’t matter how many buildings we construct, churches we plant, or sermons we preach if we’re not intent on doing everything so that lost men, women, and children will experience the transforming work of God. Without that one thing, we fail. That’s why we’re launching Who’s Your One.”

With this challenge at hand, many Bellevue members took up the calling to pray for and share the Gospel with one person. Wei Liu is one of those people.

“When I heard about the challenge, I thought it was a great idea!” Wei said. “Rather than spread a seed here and there, focusing on a single person, either a family member or a friend, and committing to pray for them and preparing to tell them about Christ sounded more achievable.”

Within two weeks, the Lord led Wei to befriend a young, doctoral fellow, who had been recently hired in her department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Qian Dong, known by many of her friends as Jessie, was not only new to the job but also new to Memphis. As anyone who is new to town, Qian was grateful that Wei welcomed her. Through shared lunches and other conversations at work, the two quickly became friends.

A few weeks into their friendship, Qian began to ask questions about a relationship with Jesus. “I was so thrilled! At that time, I had tried to introduce some of my other colleagues to Christ, but they were not interested,” Wei explained.

Not only did God send her to me to share the Gospel with her, but I also think He sent her to inspire and encourage me to not give up sharing the Gospel but to continue to lead others to know Him.”

To anyone who may have taken up the Who’s Your One challenge, but not yet seen the fruit of your labor, Wei encourages you to “keep praying for them, help meet their needs when you can, love them, show a faithful testimony to them, and leave everything else to God. He will work out the details. He will take care of the rest.”

To be continued–

Read more about Wei and Qian’s story next week at bellevue.org/guide.

For more information on the Who’s Your One movement, visit whosyourone.com.