Why are we doing this?

You are the first impression that most will have as they walk into our church. You help our guests connect quickly from the parking lot to where they land when they come in. You make all the difference!

There are two things to remember as we serve that can make all the difference in you and in the experience of our guests.

Ask the Lord, Who do you want me to minister to today?” 

This is one of the best things you can do as a volunteer. As you arrive on campus to serve, ask the Lord, Who do you want me to minister to today?’. This question does two things:

  1. It takes the pressure off you.
  2. It opens the door for the Holy Spirit to work freely in your life.

The first time I asked the Lord this question, I was blown away. I walked into a room and in came a group of new people. A group of six people walked in. Before I knew it, I was talking to one of the ladies and she began to share with me some things going on in her life. She came in for a Bible study, but before the study started, we made our way to the hallway for prayer. She later joined our church, was discipled, got married and is now serving with her family. That is the Lord. That is not about just being a volunteer, but it is about being available to meet people at their point of need.  Some need a friendly smile, some need a prayer, some need a Gospel conversation. Simply ask the Lord who and be available to His leading.

Its not about you

To serve people well, we must always remember from where we came. Everyone has different stories of how the Lord transformed their lives, but the one thing we have in common is that Jesus rescued us. He may have gifted you with a great smile, a bubbling personality, a quick wit, or an intelligent mind. All of those are blessings to people we meet. But to serve well, we must realize we are nothing apart from Jesus Christ. There is nothing we have to offer anyone in and of ourselves. We must give people an overflow of the Jesus that is within. People do not need you; they need the Jesus in you.

Keep your personal relationship with Jesus a priority so that you serve from an overflow of His work in your life. Not only will this help you serve with compassion and grace, but it will also prevent burnout as you give yourself so freely to others.