Why Hospitality Matters

Whenever we have people over to our house, we try our best to show them intentional hospitality. They don’t live with us and maybe don’t come over on a daily basis. If they are new guests, then they have no idea where to sit, stand, or where the bathroom is.

Some people seem to be hospitality pros. They break out their fine china (the ones with the flowers AND the birds) and every seat has a handwritten, calligraphy nameplate. Other, less-skilled people, people like me, will settle for a warm greeting and quick tour of the house, followed by “make yourself at home!”

We all understand the importance of hospitality to some degree.

It doesn’t matter the pageantry behind the hospitality; what really matters is that the guests feel welcomed. This doesn’t just apply to your home, it applies to your church as well.

When a guest comes in, they may not feel comfortable. They may not know where to sit, stand, or where the bathroom is. These things are second nature to those of us who have been here a while and are familiar with the building and the people.

Don’t forget: people will remember their first experience when they step foot in our doors. We should work to make sure they walk away feeling loved and welcomed at what could be their new church home.