Why We Do What We Do

Its not a play; it’s not a performance. Its a presentation–we do all of this as a method of presenting the Gospel to anyone we can reach. –Pastor Steve Gaines

This years Singing Christmas Tree, after a two-year hiatus, certainly lived up to its 2021 theme: A Tradition– Reimagined.

There were toy soldiers. A flashback trio for Bethlehem Morning. Shine Down. Puppets. Angels. The Hallelujah Chorus. And many more familiar favorites. But this year’s tradition included something new–a fresh look at an old story–the greatest story ever told. And through this presentation, more than 23,000 people in attendance heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, and countless more viewed the livestream.

We got a late evening phone call yesterday, Erica Villareal shared on Facebook. It was a family member saying that they had watched the Singing Christmas Tree online and had accepted the Lord into their heart. This is why we do it! Glory to God!

After the Singing Christmas Tree was over, our son had something to tell me, Molly Mills also shared. He got saved! I have prayed for this day for so long! So may tears of joy! My whole family will be together in Heaven when our time comes! Praise Jesus!

And it wasnt just members of the audience who were touched through this Gospel presentation. Andrew Smith, Bellevue’s Associate Minister of Music, shared how this experience also made an eternal impact on the lives of three students who were part of the Singing Christmas Tree cast and crew. This year, the Music Ministry staff implemented new ways of connecting spiritually with each of the students involved. And now, we are praising God for the fruit of that ministry.

Three of these students made decisions during the semester, Andrew said. One was saved but had never been baptized. I baptized him a couple of weeks ago. Another was struggling with his salvation. I shared the Gospel with him and counseled with him. The next Sunday he accepted Christ and will be getting baptized soon. A third student thought she was saved, but throughout the semester, she came to realize that she wasnt. After a devotional time before the last Singing Christmas Tree presentation, she talked with another student who led her to the Lord.

When it was all said and done, 239 individuals who attended or watched this years presentation expressed a desire to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Only the Lord knows the continued impact this will have as the livestream is shared and others experience the Gospel. Join us as we continue to pray for those who will hear. Like Erica shared on Facebook, this is why we do it.

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!  2 Corinthians 9:15