Your Role as a Volunteer

The first mission trip I led in another country; I had never met the people I would be serving with that week.  I did not know the church pastor, the church leaders or even what they looked like.  The day before the trip, the pastor emailed a picture of he and his family to me so that when our team arrived at the airport, I would at least know what face to be looking for. That picture put my mind at ease, knowing I was going into a country that spoke another language and a place I had never been.  We got off the airplane, got through the long customs line, gathered our 20+ bags of luggage and headed out to search for our ministry partners, along with the other 200 passengers that had gotten off the plane with us.  The picture was invaluable in being able to connect quickly with our partners and being able to recognize them.

Your role as a volunteer is much like that hospitality provided by getting that picture.  There are a couple things that every volunteer should know when we show up to serve, in any position, on any day, at any time.

Be committed to the mission and vision of the church

Bellevue is an amazing place, there are so many ways to grow and serve the Lord. Just as our salvation must be more than head knowledge, so does the mission and vision of our church.  We need to know why we believe what we believe and be committed to the cause of Christ. When we have personally developed a deep love for God, we will naturally love the people He brings into our lives (be it for a lifetime, a season, or a brief encounter). As we love the people around us, we will care for their souls, and we will desire to share Jesus with them and to help them become disciples of Christ. This should be the heart of every volunteer. When we live out what we believe, we will be able to confidently, point others to Christ as we serve

Be familiar with other aspects of the church, not just your job

You will likely have a role that you are filling that is your thing.  You know everything you need to know about that position. For example, if you are serving as a door greeter, you will know where the restrooms are in that area (because you have been there), you will know where they can find an extra pen (because you saw one laying on the counter), you will know how to get to the check in kiosk, etc.  All of that is wonderful and you should know those things about your area.  Also be familiar with other aspects of the church. Know if childcare is open and how to get there, know how to get to the Fellowship Hall if you are serving on the East Side, know what time the next service starts. Familiarize yourself with Bellevue’s website, listen to Pastor and Bro. Drew as they share what’s going on in the church, be informed. The more you know, the more confident you will be as you meet guests and the more you will be able to help them find what they are looking for.