Bellevue Loves Memphis

In 2007, Pastor Steve Gaines led our church to begin Bellevue Loves Memphis to show Jesus’ love to our city. Since then, Bellevue members have intentionally stepped outside of the walls of our church and embraced Bellevue Loves Memphis as a way of life.

How to Love Memphis

Bellevue Loves Memphis Workday

Join together with the Bellevue Family as we Share Jesus and contribute to city renewal. Through our Bellevue Loves Memphis Workdays, you will have the opportunity to show the love of God to our community through a variety of projects. 

Bibles for China

Bibles For China Thrift Center is one of many stores in the U.S. operating under The Bibles for Missions ministry. The Memphis store opened in 2001, and in 2014, Bellevue began a partnership with the store. Operating as a non-profit organization, Bibles For China focuses its profits on furthering the Kingdom of God. You can Serve Out with Bibles For China through shopping, donating items, or volunteering at the store.

Christian Mobile Dental Clinic

The Christian Mobile Dental Clinic works in cooperation with local churches and organizations. If you require dental care, please contact your local church or non-profit organization. Due to high demand, we ask that you do not contact Bellevue’s Christian Mobile Dental Clinic directly.


In 2019, Bellevue introduced Pathways as a way for its members to come alongside and volunteer with established ministries in Memphis. The Pathways are distinctly helping Memphis through four different categories—Churches, Parachurches, Education, and Economic Growth. Learn about these ministries and how you can volunteer within our city to share the Gospel.