Brick by Brick

In late September of 2021, the KidVue Worship team began a Lego® project to get kids excited about reading Scripture at home.

Each week, we sent them home with a sheet to record their Bible reading, Jacob Glewen, Bellevues Director of Children’s Programming, explained. They filled it out, recorded how many verses they read, got their parents to sign it, and for every verse they read, we gave them one Lego brick. They took these Legos up to stage and filled our glass cylinder. I emptied this cylinder each week and used the bricks to build our super-secret Lego® structure.

If excitement is what they wanted, excitement is what they got. In just three months, kids age four3rd grade read more than 70,000 verses. Each week, the kids got to see the progression of what their Legos were building. And what did 70,000+ bricks build?

It is a hurricane lamp with Psalm 119:105 written on the base. This verse says, Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.The kids in KidVue Worship have gotten a real-life example of this. Their Bible reading has helped them to learn more about God and His love for them. It has shined a bright light upon how God wants them to live.” 

As the KidVue Worship team literally built a lamp for the kids and their parents to see and enjoy, their prayer is that something much stronger is being built in their hearts.

Most importantly, we wanted kids to be excited to read their Bibles each week, Jacob shared. At this stage of their life, if kids develop good habits and practices, those habits and practices can continue potentially throughout the rest of their lives. If we help kids grow accustomed to reading their Bibles every day at a young age, they will continue to make daily Bible reading a priority as they grow and mature.” 

Bellevue is a church that believes in and is founded on biblical truth and a love for God’s Word–a love that is cultivated at even the earliest stages. We believe the future of Bellevue–and the Church at large–is bright as the next generation follows the lamp of Scripture.

Even though we have stopped collecting Legos, kids are continuing to read their Bibles, Jacob shared. The past three months have taught them that God’s Word shines out as a light to guide and direct them, and serves as a comfort, reminding them that He will always be with them.” 

If you would like to see the Lego® structure, it will be on display in the East Lobby each Sunday morning. Serve with Childrens Ministry and make a life-long impact on the next generation!