At Bellevue Baptist Church, we want to engage the world for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us as we embark on this mission in the Americas and beyond.
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How Bellevue Is Engaging in International Missions

Expand each of the categories below to learn more about the need for the Gospel and how Bellevue is engaging with the lost around the world.

Engage the Americas

Learn how the Lord is at work in Central and South America.

Demographics and strategy

Though the Americas are often associated with Catholicism, the majority of the people in these countries are living without a personal relationship with Jesus.

Population: 669 million

The Need: 10,297 people dying daily without Christ*

Where Bellevue Serves:

◆ Mexico

◆ Nicaragua

◆ Honduras

◆ Brazil

◆ Peru

◆ Chile

Our Missions Strategy:

As the Church continues to grow and mature in the Americas, there is a significant need for entry, evangelism, and leadership development throughout Central and South America. We serve our partners in the Americas by sending short-term, mid-term, and long-term missionaries to engage in the Missionary Task.

*Source: IMB.org

Engage East Africa

See where our partners are bringing the Gospel to East Africa.

Demographics and strategy

Despite the advances of the Gospel we have seen in recent years, there is still tremendous lostness in this area of the world.

Population: 621 million

Unreached People: 122 million*

Where Bellevue Serves:

◆ Kenya

◆ Uganda

◆ Tanzania

◆ Burundi

◆ Rwanda

◆ Mozambique

Our Missions Strategy:

Bellevue has actively served in this region for over 10 years through compassion ministry, healthy church formation, and leadership development. We plan to continue our efforts in this region by working with our partners to meet the needs of East African communities, develop national leaders, and mobilize African missionaries for evangelism in Africa and beyond.

*Source: joshuaproject.net

Engage Southeast Asia

Read our Missions Strategy to shine a light in Southeast Asia.

Demographics and strategy

With influences of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Islam, Southeast Asia is surrounded by darkness with little access to the light of the Gospel.

Population: 679 million

Unreached People: 355 million*

Where Bellevue Serves:

◆ Cambodia
◆ Vietnam

Our Missions Strategy:

Church planting is one of God’s greatest tools to combat the lostness of our world. In Southeast Asia, Bellevue has been a part of planting thousands of churches through a tool known as Pioneer Evangelism. Pioneer Evangelists train indigenous church leaders and members in how to start new churches. This discipleship tool continues to bear great fruit in the remotest parts of the world, and we continue to employ this strategy in addition to others to reach Southeast Asia.

*Source: joshuaproject.net

Engage Central Asia

Learn how God is leading us to take the Gospel to Central Asia.

Demographics and strategy

Islam is the primary religion among the people groups of Central Asia. They have very little knowledge of biblical Christianity or the true message of the Gospel.*

Population: 385 million

The Need: 6,619 people dying daily without Christ*

Where Bellevue Serves:

This location has been omitted for security purposes.

Our Missions Strategy:

Central Asia represents some of the most unreached parts of our world. Some countries in this region are considered 99 percent lost with little to no Gospel presence. As we consider how God is calling us to respond to this need, we are engaging in prayer for the lost and seeking to develop partners and strategies to pierce the darkness of this region.

*Source: IMB.org

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