Family Ministry

Fall Equip Groups

Begins October 12

Fight for Your Family: Biblically Addressing Issues in the Home
Be equipped in how to navigate everyday issues your family faces

Fight for Your Family

Bellevue launched Fight for Your Family—a tool for families to study biblical truth according to their child’s age. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of new content! Here you now have access to age-specific resources.


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KidVue Online

Join Avery and her furry friend, Elvis, for a new season of KidVue. We are so excited to explore more of God’s Word with you this season!

KidVue Worship

Sundays 9:15 and 11:00 am
Located in: Fellowship Hall

Children Pre-K4–3rd grade are invited to participate in KidVue Worship and one of our children’s Life Group sessions to complete their Worship experience.

KidVue Worship includes age-appropriate praise music, Bible lessons, table activities and more. We have an entire team ready to lead your child in Worship and teach them how worthy our Lord is to be praised.

If you have questions or would like more information about our KidVue Worship, email our Children’s Ministry.

The Cook Family

Learn how the Cook family incorporates Bible study and discipleship into its home life.

The Martins

Julian and Roz Martin know parents have to model Christian life for their kids. Learn from their example how you can communicate the importance of church and faith to your kids.

The why and how of Fight for Your Family

Listen to Mrs. Donna’s encouragement as she spoke at a recent Parent Rally. She speaks to:

  • Inspiration from the book of Nehemiah.
  • Making Disciples within your family.
  • Teaching biblical truth to your kids.
  • Enlisting prayer partners.
  • Culture’s attempts to intimidate families.
  • Social media’s impact.
  • How our brains can be renewed.
  • Bellevue’s role in your discipleship efforts.

Game Changer

The #1 predictor of a spiritually healthy young adult is “the child regularly read their Bible while growing up.”* We invite you, as parents, to learn ways to help your child(ren) foster a love of Scripture at a young age. We will equip you with tools to lead spiritually in your household through prayer, selecting a Bible, choosing a Bible reading plan, and much more. Fight for your family by prioritizing time in God’s Word daily.

If you have questions or would like to speak to a member of our Family Ministry team, text “Family” to 901901, call 901-347-5740 or email us. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Children's Pre-Check-in Through the Bellevue App

Parents, did you know you can check in for your kids through the Bellevue app before you arrive at church? When you access childcare or children's programming and check in through the app, you'll have a QR code to scan at the kiosk upon arrival. Expedite check-in by downloading the app!

"Into Egypt" Album Release

Do you miss singing along with the music of CampOutrageous? Find Into Egypt: The Musical on any streaming platform! Into Egypt is an interactive presentation featuring music styles that range from hip-hop to broadway—even a little Elvis! Join the adventure as we go back in time, into the life of Joseph as told in the Bible. Stream Into Egypt: The Musical today!