How Will They Hear?

Three years ago, Tyler was studying Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of Memphis. Three years ago, he wasn’t involved at Bellevue or in Bellevue’s College Ministry, The Vue. Three years ago, he was planning for a “normal” life: working, living, and being faithful to serve the Lord where he was. But then, God stepped in, and He called Tyler to more.

God completely turned Tyler’s life upside down and led him to change universities, career paths, and plans for his future. Now, Tyler is studying at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, pursuing international missions as his full-time career.

Tyler’s life dramatically changed during those three years–and changed for the better.

After one week at The Vue, I found a new home and a new community, Tyler shared. Through teaching, mentorship, discipleship, and service with Christian friends, the Lord pushed me and grew me as a leader. I learned how to share the Gospel, and I witnessed that no matter the background someone comes from, we all need to know Jesus.

The Vues mission is to reach 7% of the city of Memphis with the Gospel. This 7% aligns with the number of college-age students living in the Memphis Metro area.

Our heart is to share the Gospel on every college campus that surrounds us, shared Daniel Harris, College Ministry Pastor.

Tyler lives out the Missionary Task by faithfully following the Lord wherever He leads and Sharing Jesus with whomever God prompts.

When praying for missionaries across the globe, the Lord stirred my heart and convicted me that He wanted me to serve Him overseas,Tyler explained. I began to develop a desire to not only see those around Memphis come to know Jesus but also those all around the world who may not have as easy access to hear His Good News. 

This question–”How will they hear?”–led Tyler to serve alongside a college team that traveled to Honduras in summer 2019.

Ever since then, the Lord has strengthened my desire to go to those who have not heard and to be the one who will say, ‘Here I am. Send me’ (Isaiah 6:8), Tyler shared.

Since that first short-term missions project, Tyler has not been able to find enough ways to serve the Lord and be trained to serve the Lord in even greater ways, including going through Bellevue’s Send Out Training twice. Whether it’s evangelizing on college campuses, caring for people during COVID-19, or preparing for a two-month project in North Africa this summer, Tyler doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people who may have never heard of Him because once you miss those opportunities, you may never have the opportunity again.

We all have to start somewhere, so start where you are now,said Tyler. The Lord is not going to open another door for you if you are not being faithful where He has you now. Wherever you are and whatever you find yourself doing, do it for the glory of God because nothing else is worthwhile in the long run. Only the Kingdom of God will remain in the end.

How You Can Engage

As a believer, living on mission and engaging in the Missionary Task begins in your own community, but it doesn’t stop there! Consider taking a summer, a semester, or even 2+ years to engage in the Missionary Task among unreached and unengaged people groups with the International Mission Board (IMB). Bellevue partners with the IMB to mobilize individuals and families across the world.