Bellevue is answering the call to Share Jesus throughout the world until Jesus comes back. God is equipping our body of believers with a variety of resources and opportunities to help you get involved to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond.


At Bellevue, we offer a variety of ways for you to get involved in service opportunities within the church, throughout our city, and around the world.


The best way we can seek to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond is by starting to serve right here in our city!

Bellevue Loves Memphis Workday

Our next Workday is Saturday, August 28.

Join together with the Bellevue Family as we Share Jesus and contribute to city renewal. Through our Bellevue Loves Memphis Workdays, you will have the opportunity to show the love of God to our community through a variety of projects. 


In 2019, Bellevue introduced Pathways as a way for its members to come alongside and volunteer with established ministries in Memphis. These Pathways are a part of the 2018 Love Offering, Loving Memphis Like It Matters. The Pathways are distinctly helping Memphis through four different categories—Churches, Parachurches, Education, and Economic Growth. Learn about these ministries and how you can volunteer within our city to share the Gospel.


Bibles For China Thrift Center is one of many stores in the U.S. operating under The Bibles for Missions Ministry. The Memphis store opened in 2001 and in 2014 Bellevue began a partnership with the store. Operating as a non-profit organization, Bibles for China is able to focus their profits on furthering the Kingdom of God. You can Serve Out with Bibles For China through shopping, donating items, or volunteering at the store.

Christian Mobile Dental Clinic

The idea for the Christian Mobile Dental Clinic began as part of our Bellevue Loves Memphis program. The Christian Mobile Dental Clinic works in cooperation with local churches and organizations. If you are in need of dental care, please contact your local church or non-profit organization. Due to high demand, we ask that you do not contact Bellevue’s Christian Mobile Dental Clinic directly.


With partnerships all around the world, Bellevue has limitless opportunities for you to Serve the nations.

Missions Projects

Bellevue offers a variety of national and international mission projects each year that contribute to a variety of ministries. These projects strive to serve others, share the Gospel, and be the hands and feet of Christ all around the world. This is also an opportunity to be a part of a team with experienced leaders that will help you grow personally and spiritually. Take a look at the current mission projects and pray about going and taking His Gospel to Memphis and beyond.

A photo of Earth from outer space.


Are you considering or pursuing a call to missions? Bellevue Missions seeks to fulfill our Vision by equipping our members to engage in the Missionary Task. We have developed a 10-week training program to help prepare individuals for mid-term to long-term ministry.

Inquire here to learn more about our Send Out Training and Local, National, and International Send Out Pathways.

Pioneer Evangelism

Pioneer Evangelism (PE) is a church-planting effort based solely upon the ministry of Jesus. Developed by Dr. Wade Akins as a result of years of ministry as a missionary in Brazil, PE has a tremendous impact in strengthening existing churches and starting new churches around the world. The basis of PE is found in Matthew 28:19-20 and focuses on what Jesus did while on earth – He formed a team, He trained a team, and He sent them out.

Missions Conference 2021

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When we think of missions at Bellevue, we tend to think of short-term missions projects or Bellevue Loves Memphis Workdays. These are essential parts of our strategy to fulfill the Great Commission, and we have seen lives changed and souls saved through these efforts. But, this is only the beginning.

In 2021, we are turning our attention to a crucial question: What would it look like for you to be completely committed to the mission of God?

Bellevue has adoopted the term Missionary Task to help our members view their lives through the lens of the Great Commission.

Watch this video to learn more!

Missions Wasn’t Canceled in 2020.

Like most churches, Bellevue Baptist Church faced unique challenges in 2020. While some international missions were canceled and other projects had to adapt, God worked in amazing ways in spite of all the chaos in the world. Listen as Missions Pastor Ben Taylor shares all of the incredible ways God delivered in stressful times.

Watch this video and hear more from our Missions Pastor, Ben Taylor!