It’s more than a room

Psalm 122:1 says, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let’s go to the house of the Lord.'”

For many people in our Bellevue family, this verse perfectly describes how we felt when we were finally able to regather in our Worship Center after 11 consecutive weeks of meeting online only.

Whether we’re worshiping alongside other believers, sensing the movement of the Holy Spirit during prayer, or engaging in meaningful community as we start our week, we all have different reasons we love to gather here.

As for Jeremy Meister, a member of our Young Adults Ministry, he loves attending our worship services in person because, in moments of worship, everything else fades away. “It’s just you and God,” he said. “There’s nothing else like it.”

God is faithful to be with us when we Worship at home, and He is also faithful to be with us here. In this place. In our Worship Center.

“I remember driving down Appling Road, seeing those three crosses, and I was filled with joy,” Jeremy explained. “I felt like I was coming home. And when I came into the Worship Center, I could sense God’s Spirit.”

“It’s really something special when people gather in person, and the first time doing that again was a very surreal and very sweet and joyful moment.”

“The days seem to be getting darker, and when they do, we have to press in closer to God and to each other. We have to encourage each other, so we can see His light shining in the darkness,” Jeremy said. “Invest in this sanctuary, so the next generation can have the same experiences we have all had. Every time I have come into this sanctuary, I have felt loved by other brothers and sisters and by God Himself. I know that will continue because God’s presence shows up every Sunday in this room,” Jeremy concluded.

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