Ministerial Assistants

Bellevue’s Ministerial Assistant Leadership Track is an internship program designed to raise up and send out trained leaders to Serve the local church.

Developing ministry leaders

Through spiritual and workplace development, monthly seminars from experienced church leaders, and hands-on ministry opportunities, Ministerial Assistants (MAs) gain valuable experience, equipping them for their future ministry.

Jason Pyron and Jamie Otto lead training for Bellevue's ministerial assistants.

Leadership training

Each month, MAs meet for training designed to equip them for ministry both now and in the future. Practical and philosophical topics will be covered as a part of ongoing development.

Topic examples: Ministry budgeting, navigating change, preparing a message/lesson, recruiting/retaining volunteers, managing conflict, racial reconciliation in the church, and more!


Growing in your walk with the Lord is just as important as helping others do the same. In order for MAs to be poured into as they are pouring out to others, MAs regularly meet for discipleship. This includes prayer, sharing a meal, and a time of study and discussion, as we pursue Intimacy with Jesus.

Hands-on experience

Alongside training and discipleship, MAs have the opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on experience. MAs assist and lead in many areas of ministry as we pursue the Mission and Vision of our church. As valuable team members, MAs take an active role in ministry, practicing what they learn and observe.

Types of MAs

Summer MAs work for a 12-week period during the summer months (May–August). These are paid positions and housing is provided for MAs moving to Memphis from out of town. There is a transportation/relocation stipend for MAs moving to Memphis from out of town.

Year-long MAs work in a way that is similar to a residency program. They serve for the duration of a year with designated start and end dates. These are paid positions. Housing is provided for Year-long MAs moving to Memphis from out of town. There is a transportation/relocation stipend for MAs moving to Memphis from out of town.

Year–round MAs work in a way that is designed to come alongside their college or seminary education. Year-round MAs have no designated end date. These are paid positions.

Opportunities for everyone

Bellevue’s year-long internships run January through December OR May through April. Summer opportunities run May through August.

Learn more about MA Families

What is an MA Family?

A couple, family or individual who provides the valuable gift of family and community to a Ministerial Assistant(s) (MA).

Many MAs are coming to Memphis for the first time. Having a MA Family can help as they transition to a new city and provide an opportunity to be encouraged as they pursue what God has called them to do at Bellevue.

What does a MA Family do?

Provide intentional hospitality by helping your MA(s) to feel welcome in Memphis  and encouraged in their pursuit of what God has called them to do at Bellevue. Some MA families invite their MA(s) to their home for meals, take walks at Shelby Farms, or include them in family activities such as ball games, swim days, etc. Other ideas include encouraging texts, a goody bag, or a note with a verse.

Click here to learn more about becoming an MA Family!


What is an MA?

MA is short for “Ministerial Assistant.” We believe the title “MA” better represents the role that we desire to see filled while serving here. Ministerial Assistants are “ministers in training” pursuing the calling the Lord has placed on their lives through practical, hands-on ministry.

What do I need to know about Bellevue's standards for staff?
  • All staff standards should be viewed through the lens of what is best for the ministry, the church, and the kingdom, not just how it affects the inidividual personally.
  • MAs are an integral part of our staff and are therefore held to the same standard as full-time staff members.
  • The expectation for all of our staff to maintain a life of integrity is something we take very seriously.
  • There are certain standards, such as refraining from the consumption of alcohol and use of tobacco, maintaining appropriate relationships, and using social media wisely, that our staff abides by.
  • Bellevue is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. You can view what we believe here.
  • Aligning with the core theological beliefs of our church is non-negotiable. When it comes to additional theological issues, our staff is expected to honor the position and leadership of our Senior Pastor.

You can view our mission and vision here.

Are MAs paid?

Yes. MA positions are salaried positions, and rate of pay is dependent on which type of MA you are (see above for types of MAs).

Is there financial assistance for travel when I begin and end my time at Bellevue?

Yes. For those traveling from out of town and that do not reside in the Memphis area when not in college, mileage or airfare will be reimbursed not to exceed a specified dollar amount. One round-trip for summer MAs and two round-trips for year-long/year-round MAs.

Is housing available?

Yes, housing is available for those who move to Memphis from out of town and who do not have family who live in town. These are fully furnished apartments within ¼ of a mile from the church. Housing is not typically provided for married couples.

What are MA Families?

These are families from our church who connect with MAs from out of town to help them gain a sense of belonging at Bellevue and in Memphis. These families serve as an encouragement and as a home-away-from-home; however, MAs do not live with their MA Family.


MAs from out of town will be paired with a local family who will be intentional in encouraging them and helping to provide them with a sense of “home.”


Spending time with a MA family can help MAs transition to a new city, help them connect at church, and provide memories that will last a lifetime! We want our MAs to be encouraged as they pursue what God has called them to do at Bellevue.

Where is Bellevue located?

Bellevue Baptist Church
2000 Appling Road
Cordova, TN 38016

Cordova is a suburb of Memphis.

Is a married person eligible to be an MA?

Yes, we have married MAs in our program, but housing is not typically provided for married couples.

What are the qualifications to serve as an MA?

MA positions are designed for college and seminary/graduate school-aged students. If you are a high school senior, you are eligible to begin your internship the fall after your graduation.

MA positions are reserved for those who are pursuing a call to vocational ministry or wanting to gain experience in order to clarify whether or not vocational ministry is his/her calling.

Can I be an MA and work another job at the same time?

Though it is possible to work another part-time job while being an MA, the expectation is for MAs to be primarily committed to their role at Bellevue.

Can I be an MA and go to school at the same time?

Absolutely! This program is designed to work alongside a college or graduate school schedule, whether you are pursuing an online or residential degree here in Memphis.

Will I need a car?

Though bringing a vehicle is not required, it is highly recommended. For the summer months, it is doable to go without a car. Although it is not impossible, it is very difficult to go without a car over the course of a year.

Who will I be led by?

You will have two primary teams that will develop and lead you while you are here. Your immediate supervisor will be from the ministry team you specifically serve on, and you will also have the Leadership Development Team walking alongside you in your spiritual and overall leadership growth.

When is the typical starting time for MAs?

For summer MAs, the start date is typically in May. For year-long MAs, the start date is typically in January or May. For year-round MAs, it is typically as opportunities become available throughout the year.

What is the hiring process?

After your interest form is assessed, and it is determined that you are a potential candidate for the area of ministry in which you have shown interest, you will then have an interview with Bellevue’s Leadership Development Team.

From there, you will interview with the specific ministry supervisor.

After assessing the needs of the team and ministry being discussed, a final decision will be made, and final paperwork will be completed if you are selected.

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