Missions Mindset

Bellevue has a rich history of partnering with Keith and Dawn Moore, Bellevue members God called to be missionaries and plant a church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. After leading this church plant in evangelism and discipleship, God called them back to the United States. The Moores have a passion for the Spanish-speaking community, and they felt called to start another Impacto church, this time in the Hispanic community of Charlotte, North Carolina. To continue this partnership, Bellevue sent a team to assist in the Moores’ mission to invest in the redemption of the people of Charlotte.

Alex and Susana Le√≥n, alongside their team members–Ingrid, Wilheim, Noel, and Yani–partnered with Impacto to create a marriage and family retreat for the people of Charlotte. The theme of the retreat was “El Veradero Amor,” which means “The True Love.” This theme was built around Christ’s love for the Church and how that love should be reflected in marriage and family relationships. The retreat culminated in an opportunity for the Bellevue team to share the Gospel with retreat attendees! The team demonstrated that engaging in the missionary task does not have to be glamorous. Instead, they trusted that God would use them in the work He was already accomplishing at Impacto, and they showed up to help in whatever capacity was needed.

Susana was very touched by the way she saw the Lord working at Impacto during her trip. She shared that, “This church is in a moment of true revival.” There were several people at the marriage and family retreat that Susana is particularly excited for, and she is hopeful they will continue to experience spiritual growth in their lives.

Susana told the story of one child named Helen who discovered that she was intricately designed by a loving Creator. In awe, she asked Susana, “He made me? So, who made the stars?” Susana met another woman named Yani, who had left the church after separating from her husband. She was nervous to come back to church but immediately felt loved and welcomed by the women who attended the retreat. Yani is excited and hopeful about her future at Impacto and her relationship with Christ!

Overall, both Alex and Susana felt the Lord work through their time at Impacto allowing the marriage and family retreat to leave an eternal impact on the people of Charlotte. Susana explained that “people opened up immediately; from the first day the Lord made it possible for them to share with us.” The group even had the opportunity to share the Gospel on multiple occasions. One team member had the privilege to teach on Sunday, leading to four salvation experiences. Susana was also able to share the Gospel with the children! Through sharing God’s vision for family, Susana was able to discuss important choices that the kids would have to make, and ultimately, she discussed the decision they would have to make to follow Jesus.

Susana, Alex, and their team obediently demonstrated what it looks like to engage in the missionary task by meeting the needs of Impacto and being ready to serve in whatever capacity. When talking with Susana, it is obvious that for her, living on mission is a mindset. Susana chooses to deeply love people and to seek their highest good for the sake of the Gospel, whether she is in the mission field or at home.

As Christians, we can choose to pursue even the simplest of things with eternal purposes. Whether you’re giving a picnic for retreat attendees, having an impactful conversation with a young child, or mentoring the men or women in your life, these simple things can have eternal value.

To learn more about engaging in the missionary task or engaging in short-term, mid-term, or long-term missions projects, visit bellevue.org/missions.