Bellevue’s Music Ministry offers something for everyone in your family. From singing and playing instruments to special productions, you can find a great place to use your talent to serve the Lord.


Upcoming events and more

4th+5th Grade Musical

You’re invited to attend a musical presentation by our 4th+5th Grade and K-WOW (Pre-K–3rd Grade) students—Way of Escape! Trapped in an escape room, the cast must solve a series of riddles and clues. Along the way, they will discover the armor of God and God's promise that He will always provide a way to escape temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13). Through this exciting presentation of the Gospel, kids, students, and families will experience biblical truth in a whole new way. Invite a friend and join us for Way of Escape!

Bailey Music Scholarship

The Bellevue Foundation will accept applications for the Bailey Music Scholarship March 1–31 for the 2023–2024 school year. This scholarship is available to Bellevue members in middle school, high school, college, graduate school, or seminary. The applicant must have at least five years of formal voice or instrumental training in the field of which he/she is applying. Applications are available in the Bellevue Business Administration office during regular office hours or by email at


The Bellevue Choir is a great opportunity to serve with the Body of Christ. This group leads worship weekly and participates in many special events throughout the year.

Know this

Not everyone in the choir reads music, not everyone in the choir is a soloist, and only a small percentage of the choir has had musical training! Come give choir a try—no risk, no obligation.


The Bellevue Choir rehearses every Wednesday from 6:15–7:45 pm in the Choir Room. Childcare is available.

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Just show up to a rehearsal! Guests should go to the registration kiosks just inside the Choir Room, and a greeter will assist you in getting rehearsal music, finding a place to sit in your voice part section, and introducing you to some new friends.


Bellevue’s Orchestra is comprised of individuals who are passionate about using their musical talents to glorify and honor God.

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Individuals must have prior experience with a musical instrument and are committed and faithful to attend rehearsals and performances.


The Orchestra rehearses on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm in the Orchestra Room.

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If you are interested in learning more about our Orchestra, call the Instrumental Music Office at (901) 347-5726 or email Lindsey Alexander. Join us as we make His praise glorious!

Student Music

From Student Choir to Worship U to the School of Performing Arts, there are many ways students can use their gifts to glorify God through Student Music.

Student Choir

The Bellevue Student Choir is open to all students (ages 4th grade–college) and meets year round. Annual ministry highlights of the Student Choir are the 4th+5th Grade Musical, Student Music Mission Project, and the Singing Christmas Tree.

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Worship U

Worship U is a free worship leadership training program that provides students with the opportunity to love God as they worship Him intimately and to love people as they serve regularly. This program is available by audition to vocalists, instrumentalists, and those interested in media and technical services. The Worship U team leads regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters in worship venues all across Bellevue’s campus.

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School of Performing Arts (SPA)

For students who are interested in growing in their own personal musicianship, Bellevue’s School of Performing Arts offers private lessons year-round.

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Kids, we want to hear your heart beat to the beat of the Lord’s! Join Kids Worship On Wednesday nights, where all Pre-K–3rd grade students are invited to learn how to keep their hearts beating in rhythm with God’s. Kids will engage their body, soul, and spirit in worship music, Bible study, prayer, movement, and games. Moreover, students will learn about our Heartbeat Fitness Challenge, which encourages families to work together to live out Proverbs 4:23: “Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life.” Register online to join us in a time devoted to fun, faith, and fitness!

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We'd love to answer any questions or concerns you might have. If you’d like to speak with someone over the phone, tap (901) 347-2000 to call. You can also fill out our general contact form by clicking the button.