ROPE edition


A lot of parents do an amazing job of encouraging their student physically. A lot parents do an excellent job of setting their students up for success academically. 

When it comes to the teenager’s soul, a lot of parents want to see their son or daughter become who God has called them to be but just don’t know how to help get them there. Deuteronomy 6 spells out our goal for parenting: to teach children to love God and learn his ways. From this passage we see that parents are the primary spiritual leaders in the life of a teenager and that it is to be taught in the regular rhythm of your home.

The Next Gen Ministry is helping in this process of passing down your faith with a plan called the Rites of Passage Experience (ROPE for short). The Rites of Passage Experience is an annual activity for you and your teen that will maximize your influence as a parent. For each Rite of Passage we have provided preplanned, creative, and fun activities to help you and your student learn from the experience being highlighted that year. We hope you will check it out below in this month’s edition.