Standing For Life–Together

Dear Bellevue Family,

On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, we celebrate the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the fact that abortion has become illegal in Tennessee. However, while we rejoice, we must not rest, and we must not be fooled. The battle still rages! As we come together, may we take this opportunity to reassess the battlefield and focus on the goal: for abortion to not only be illegal–but to even be unthinkable! To do this, the Church and For Life ministries must unify and answer Gods call together.

Battlefield assessment: Although abortion is illegal in Tennessee, abortion facilities are still open–and theyve adapted. They are now abortion-referral facilities. Women in crisis who walk through their doors are sent to Illinois to have the life of their child terminated. However, these ladies don’t leave local abortion facilities empty-handed–they leave with cash, gift cards, gas money, and even lodging reservations to help make this trip happen.

Battlefield strategy: Together, we are strong! Together, we will increase our outreach, eliminate the abortion mentality that prevails, and walk alongside those in crisis situations. Together, we will share the love of God and point them to the only true source of hope, Jesus! Together, we will be the hands and feet of Christ!

Because of the work of our local pro-life partners, an expecting mother has all the resources and support she needs right here in Memphis. Below, you will find a list of partners who offer free resources for expecting mothers from the moment they learn theyre pregnant all the way through the childs second birthday. Along the way, each of these partners also shares the soul-saving message of the Gospel with each family they serve.

As the Church stands For Life together in both word and deed, women should feel so loved and supported that they will never have to choose an abortion. This is how the Church can make abortion unthinkable.

Standing For Life,

Jessica Pyburn

2022 Love Offering Committee Chair


Memphis Coalition for Life
Did you know that Memphis Coalition for Life equips Sidewalk Advocacy Teams to peacefully pray outside local abortion clinics and meet women seeking an abortion? These teams then gently refer women to life-saving organizations in Memphis.

Life Choices of Memphis
Did you know that when an abortion-minded woman is referred to Life Choices (a free pregnancy help medical center), she receives factual education about abortion, an ultrasound, counseling, parenting classes, and support throughout her pregnancy? As a licensed adoption agency in Tennessee and Mississippi, Life Choices also walks with women who choose adoption.

Confidential Care Mobile Ministry
Did you know that if a woman is unable to find transportation to a pregnancy help center, then Confidential Care Mobile Ministry will go to her? In her own community, she will receive pregnancy confirmation through ultrasound, counseling, and continued support throughout her pregnancy.

Memphis Morning Center
Did you know that through the Memphis Morning Center, an expectant mom can receive free, full-service maternal health care from the moment of pregnancy confirmation through post-partum care, including all prenatal visits, ultrasounds, labs, counseling, and even educational classes?

One by One Ministries
Did you know that through One by One, from the moment an expectant mother learns she is pregnant, she is paired with a woman who will walk the journey of motherhood with her until her child is 2 years old?

Bellevue’s Orphan Care Ministry and WRAP Ministry
Did you know that Bellevue offers training, support, and even financial resources to those who are considering foster care and adoption? Those who are not ready to become a foster parent but want to serve foster parents at Bellevue can join the WRAP ministry. WRAP teams consist of 1012 volunteers/families who WRAP around foster families through Words of encouragement, Respite care, Prayer, and Acts of service.

Visit any of the links above to find out how you can be part of what God is doing in the pro-life movement in our city. You can also give to Bellevue’s For Life offering at