Talk About It

What are two topics people sometimes advise against bringing up in conversation? Politics and religion.

We all know this advice, but the truth is that Christians are called to seek out Gospel conversations. We talk about our faith as the Holy Spirit leads–always striving to give a reason for the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15).

That was the case for Wei Liu and Qian Dong. When Wei befriended Qian, she did not shy away from the topic of Christianity. During shared lunches at work, the two discussed anything and everything that came to mind–which included Jesus.

Qian was eager to know Jesus,Wei shared. When she talked with me, I could clearly see God was working in her heart.” 

So, on Wednesday, October 9, 2019, Wei invited Qian to join her at the Bellevue Women Equip class, and that following Sunday, October 13, Qian gave her heart to the Lord.

When I was in school in Iowa, I visited a local church’s small group, Qian explained. I see now how those friends had to sow seeds of faith into my heart before I came to Memphis, so I would be ready to accept Jesus later. I am so grateful for those friends who opened the door to Christianity and for our Life Group Teacher, Mike Crouch, and Wei, who clearly shared Jesus with me and now walk with me to know Jesus more every day.” 

Ultimately, conversations about people, life, and the world led to conversations about Jesus, eternity, and the kingdom. For Wei and Qian, conversations about God did not stop there, but rather, Qians salvation was another puzzle piece to display Gods grand design.

Initially, I was very nervous about sharing the Gospel with anyone,Qian admitted. Except Wei, all of my friends in Memphis were unbelievers, so I was afraid that if I told coworkers about Jesus, they wouldn’t want to be friends with me, and I would be left with no friends at work.” 

But with prayer, the Lord brought courage to Qians anxious heart and led her to become friends with Miaomiao Catelyn Li, which ultimately sparked a Gospel conversation with her, too.

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