The Hands of Christ

A new school year comes with many emotions–excitement, nervousness, and everything in between. These emotions are not unique to students alone though; many parents also feel the same positive and negative emotions when change and transition come along. For many families, even right here in Memphis, the parents also experience anxiety as they face the financial burden of buying new school supplies.

Each year, Bellevue’s local missions effort, known as Bellevue Loves Memphis, helps meet that need through the School Supplies Giveaway.

As a teacher myself, I know how essential it is for students to feel prepared for the first day of school,said Leandra Morgan, Bellevue member and Shelby County Schools teacher. Many larger families struggle to purchase new school supplies for each of their children year after year, so taking part in the Bellevue School Supplies Giveaway alleviates the financial burden many parents face at the beginning of a new school year!

When you participate in Bellevue’s annual School Supplies Giveaway, you not only help provide for a physical need, but you also provide spiritual encouragement.

Last year, one of my third grade students came to school with one of the backpacks from the Giveaway,Leandra explained. A few weeks into the school year, my student told me he had gotten his backpack from a church and was eager to show me his ‘special pencils.’ The person who had filled his backpack included pencils that said, ‘God loves you.’  His joy was bubbling over.

How sweet it is for this student to have a daily reminder that God loves him through such a tangible, practical gift.

Serving Out through the School Supplies Giveaway is a great way for us to come together and bless our local community. It allows each of us to extend the hands of Christ to people in the Memphis community that we may not run into on a regular basis.

Jesus ministered to both the spiritual and physical needs of people around Him, Leandra shared. This event provides an avenue for us to extend an invitation to those in need, not only to come for school supplies but also to come to the Lord, our Provider.

So, we ask you to consider joining us this week as we pick up backpacks and extend the hands of Christ to those in our community. Most of our church will never see the impact these backpacks have on a child’s life, but let me assure you, it truly does matter and makes a huge difference, Leandra exclaimed.

Backpacks that are ready to be filled with school supplies will be available for pickup in the East and West Lobbies beginning Saturday, June 27. You can also pick them up Monday–Friday, 5:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. in the West Lobby. Each backpack contains a list of needed supplies.

Visit for more information on this year’s School Supplies Giveaway.