The Little Things

Jen Krinner has been a Bellevue member for almost six years. As soon as the opportunity to serve through Bellevues annual School Supplies Giveaway was available, she signed up and has volunteered with this event every summer for five consecutive years.

Now that is dedication!

I participate in the Giveaway each year because I completely believe in its success, Jen said. As a Shelby County School teacher, I see students come to school every year lacking the materials they need to be successful in the classroom. When students do not have the materials to complete their assigned classwork, they become disengaged in school.” 

To Jen, the best part of participating in the Giveaway is the actual filling of the backpacks. Each year, her Life Group pledges to fill a vast number of backpacks.

I always doubt we will be able to fill them all, but after we go shopping as a class, we always have more supplies than backpacks, she said. Each year, this event reminds me that God works through the hearts of His people who give selflessly.” 

There are many things going on in the minds and lives of the children we serve that we cannot control, but providing school supplies for them is something we can do to make their learning experience better.

Providing school supplies for children seems like such a small act, but it can actually be quite impactful.

When a child comes to school with the necessary supplies, they are empowered and ready to learn, Jen explained. That same child does not go home feeling stressed because they do not have a pencil to complete their homework. Instead, that child is able to work and stay on track. That child will experience a better day in school and a better night at home because they were able to have a positive experience in the classroom that day.“ 

I believe all students deserve the opportunity to be successful in their education, and the School Supplies Giveaway provides students with the first step to have that opportunity, Jen said. Whether you see it or not, the Giveaway has a major, positive effect in classrooms year after year.” 

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