Sports and fitness are a great way for you to connect and build relationships. Bellevue members can enjoy free access to our fitness center.

The gym is easy to be a part of. At my age it’s important to stay active to keep weight off and get good numbers on my yearly physical. There are several friends that work out on a regular basis, so I enjoy the fellowship and sharing the pain of exercising.
No matter how hard I tried to keep up an exercise regimen during the closures (okay, in truth, I didn’t try very hard 😉 ), I just can’t motivate myself to workout at home. I have to have a place to go in order to discipline myself to work out, and the Grace Building is the perfect place for me to go.
Even though I workout at home, I really enjoy going to the grace building to use the elliptical and/or walk and visit with my friend. And the time just flies. We never realize how far or long we have walked because we are just enjoying each other’s company.


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