Teaching 101

Become equipped to be the teacher God has called you to be.

Second Timothy 2:14–16 charges all teachers of the Bible to “accurately handle the word of truth.” Through this 10-episode podcast series, Derek Ewalt shares some best practices for teaching God’s Word and unpacking Scripture in ways any audience can understand. If God has put it on your heart to teach, this series is a great place to start.

Teaching 101 Journal

Use this booklet to follow along with Derek as he teaches. Those who wish to print the booklet for physical note-taking should make use of the Print-Friendly version.

Section One: The Promise

In this section, we’ll discuss what it means to be called to teach and the unique ways God has gifted us to reach different ages and demographics.

Section Two: The Process

Now that we’ve talked through your calling as a teacher, it’s time to begin preparing for your lesson. Here we’ll walk you through practical steps and teaching tips that will get you ready for building lesson plans.

Section Three: The Presentation

Your lesson plan is all ready to go. Now you just need to take a few important steps to make the most of your message.

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